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July 13, 2013 10:07 pm

Ghost Shark Fish

Forever searching for a rock to call home, he haunts other fishes abodes in search of finding a final resting place.

 Fish with Attitude Ghost Shark Fish Baby


Breeding Time: 6 Hours

Egg Hatch Time: 6 Hours
Buying Price: 499
Trait: Special
Level Requirement: 9

Fish with Attitude: Ghost Shark Fish Breeding Guide

The Ghost Shark Fish requires a special combination to breed this limited edition fish in Fish with Attitude.  As you may have notice a deep message was left in the description to you players of Fish with Attitude and that is you can breed the Ghost Shark Fish using a unique combination this combination is using a Salesman Fish on the left and a Evil Fish on the right.

Fish with Attitude: Ghost Shark Fish Evolution Guide

Most fish in Fish with Attitude goes through a process where you must feed them once they have hatched from the egg. Once you feed them for the first time, they will begin growing and once they finish they will become an adult. Once they become an adult you can use them to dig and help you obtain special Ghost Sharks or decorations. You can also increase their earnings by training them but each training will cost you coins.

Fish with Attitude: Ghost Shark Fish Earnings

The fish has a max earnings of three stages and you can train them three times. Each time will increase their earnings allowing you to earn more for your tank. All of these costs are different for different fishes.

Level Earnings
Level 1 5/Minute
Level 2 6/Minute
Level 3 7/Minute
Level 3 8/Minute

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  1. I just recently got this fish, after I got the Witch Fish when I was trying to get the rare version of the Evil fish… I thought it was past time to get it, but when I accidentally got the Witch (twice!) I thought I may as well try for this one and I lucked out and got it too!

    Try your luck at it, and post your results please! Also, try for the others, maybe they can be obtained too, with luck… :)

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