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July 26, 2014 11:09 pm

Fish Wiki Index

Have you ever wondering what are all the fish in Fish with Attitude are? Maybe how to breed each fish or what their traits are? Well here they are, find all the fish for Fish with Attitude and their Wiki in one spot with proven breeding combinations and methods that have worked.
NEW Fishes
  1. Adventure Fish
  2. Artist Fish
  3. Astronaut Fish
  4. Brave Fish
  5. Cheerleader Fish
  6. Clown Fish
  7. Cool Fish
  8. Cowboy Fish
  9. Crazy Fish
  10. Creative Fish
  11. Dancer Fish
  12. Designer Fish
  13. Dreamy Fish
  14. Evil Fish
  15. Flirty Fish
  16. Funny Fish
  17. Gossip Fish
  18. Greedy Fish
  19. Hobo Fish
  20. Mad Scientist Fish
  21. Mean Fish
  22. Model Fish
  23. Movie Star Fish
  24. Nerdy Fish
  25. Nice Fish
  26. Ninja Fish
  27. Paparazzi Fish
  28. Party Fish
  29. Pirate Fish
  30. Pop Star Fish
  31. President Fish
  32. Pretty Fish
  33. Rebel Fish
  34. Robber Fish
  35. Rock Star Fish
  36. Salesman Fish
  37. Sample Page
  38. Secret Agent Fish
  39. Shy Fish
  40. Smart Fish
  41. Tough Fish
  42. Wizard Fish

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36 responses to Fish Wiki Index

  1. For the unicorn fish I did designer fish and pop star. For fairy fish I did designer and movie star. Hope that helps!

  2. Angel fish is unicorn and fairy devil is vampire and werewolf and ghost is vampire and unicorn and ruby fish is devil and ghost

  3. Fairy and were wolf make a ghost

  4. For the new Olympic Games fish, I did Cool Fish + Adventure Fish. Takes 6 hours to breed and hatch. The egg looks white with the Olympic rings. Hope this helps ^^

  5. July 31st I bred Queen Fish + Games Fish and got the Independence Day Fish. Just in case anyone still wants the fish. ^^

  6. I am breeding a fish that is taking 3 days. Anyone knows what it might be??

  7. To get the astronaught fish you use the hobo fish
    And the movie star fish it will tala 10 hours good

  8. I did the dancer and the cowboy anyone know what it will be if you do please tell me thanks

  9. I got a dark grey diamond egg with a fuzzy grey stripe. Does anyone know what that would be?

  10. Werewolf fish 0.o

  11. I got the vampire fish and here is How you do the pirate and the cowboy the breeding and growing both take 36 hours and the egg is dark purple and square not round good luck!

  12. how do i make dreamy fish and the olmpic fish if u know how to make1plz reply bak

  13. a dreamy fish is from a brave fish and a shy fish.
    i wish there was a way to breed the galatical fish.. ive looked everywhere!

  14. I got werewolf by breeding astronaut and movie star also got him by breeding pop star with astronaut. Got fairy by breeding astronaut and model. I got ghosts by breeding fairy and werewolf. I got vampire by breeding rock star and astronaut.

  15. My magic fish are all diamond shaped. Vampir was a purple diamond with glitter. My fairy was clear rainbowish color with sparkles. My werewolf was a diamond shape that was dark dark grey, almost black, with a light grey fuzzy stripe down it and my ghost was a star shap that was just plain black.

  16. I tried breeding ghosts with my magic and regular fish but only got one trait or fish with two traits.

  17. Anyone know how to get the galactical fish?

  18. Breed a diamond fish + ruby fish= galaxy fish

  19. New toy fish did anyone figure out how to breed it

  20. I got the angel fish by breeding the unicorn fish and the fairy fish

  21. to get a toy fizh, breed clown from funny. hope it helpz.

  22. Has anyone bred a hippie fish?

  23. How do you breed a gangnam fish? 4 Days Left Please Help!!

  24. Or a gangnam fish?

  25. How can I get a cool fish please help!!!

  26. i breeded the evil fish with the creative fish for the second time and i got a black circle egg what fish is that?

  27. I got a egg that’s an circle with three stars on It please tell me what it is

  28. I breed a movie star and model fish what does that make a special somebody help I have one of the new football/rugby fish

  29. I got the “ravens” football fish too!! I had to buy it, I lived in Baltimore my whole life ; )

  30. Still trying

  31. What does the astronauts egg look like?

  32. I can’t get the dreamy fish!!! I keep trying but it won’t work… What else can I do??? Please help!!!!!

  33. I bred a Unicorn fish and a Mean fish, it’s taking 10 hours to breed and I don’t know how long to hatch. Does anybody know what it may be?

  34. How do you contact the people that created fish with attitude so you can suggest more fish tanks and a place to store the toys you get for the fish you put in storage?

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