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February 19, 2014 5:06 am

Dreamy Fish

“Content to float through life without a care, this fish is more focused on the fantastic world inside its head. What visions do you suppose it sees when it closes its eyes?”

 Fish with Attitude Dreamy Fish Baby

Fish with Attitude Dreamy Fish Adult

Breeding Time: 1 Hour

Egg Hatch Time: 1 Hour
Egg Color: Pink
Buying Price: 103pearl
Selling Price: Fish with Attitude - Cash
Trait: Shy, Brave
Level Requirement: 13

Breeding Guide

The Dreamy Fish requires two traits fish that requires two different traits to be in your breeding tank to obtain this fish. If you want to breed the Dreamy Fish then you must use a Shy Fish and Brave Fish breeding them together because they make up the traits required for the fish. You can also look for any other fish with the traits for this fish and use them for a chance to get the fish.

Evolution Guide

Most fish in Fish with Attitude goes through a process where you must feed them once they have hatched from the egg. Once you feed them for the first time, they will begin growing and once they finish they will become an adult. Once they become an adult you can use them to dig and help you obtain special toys or decorations. You can also increase their earnings by training them but each training will cost you coins.


The fish has a max earnings of three stages and you can train them three times. Each time will increase their earnings allowing you to earn more for your tank. All of these costs are different for different fishes.

Level Earnings
Level 1 3/Minute
Level 2 4/Minute
Level 3 5/Minute

8 responses to Dreamy Fish

  1. it isnt working i cant get her.

  2. yeah, ^^
    I keep getting either shy fish again or brave again /:
    it’s so annoying

  3. Same hey to get a pretty fish use a flirty fish and a gossip fish trust me it works

  4. Adventure and revel fish made dreamy for me. You don’t have to be level 13.

  5. flirty and shy fish.. it works for me while i’m at level 9

  6. I forgot which 2 I paired I just want another because it’s so darn cute

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