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July 13, 2013 4:44 pm

Alien Fish

The Alien Fish requires a special combination to breed this fish in Fish with Attitude. As you may have notice a deep message was left in the description to you players of Fish with Attitude.

“This fish is off in its own Alien world!” - Fish with Attitude: Alien Fish Description

 Fish with Attitude Alien Fish Baby


Breeding Time: 30 hours

Buying Price: 2379pearl 

Selling Price: 9000

Trait: Galaxy + Magic

Fish with Attitude: Alien Fish Breeding Guide

To breed the Alien Fish you need to use the  Galaxy Fish and an Fairy Fish for a chance to get the Alien Fish in your Fish with Attitude game

Fish with Attitude: Alien Fish Evolution Guide

Most fish in Fish with Attitude goes through a process where you must feed them once they have hatched from the egg. Once you feed them for the first time, they will begin growing and once they finish they will become an adult.

Fish with Attitude: Alien Fish Earnings 

The fish has a max earnings of three stages and you can train them three times. Each time will increase their earnings allowing you to earn more for your tank. All of these costs are different for different fishes.

Training Earnings Cost
Level 1 7/Minute 25K
Level 2 8/Minute 32K
Level 3 9/Minute 40K
 Level 4 10/Minute

Fish with Attitude: Alien Fish Evolution

Baby Adult
 Fish with Attitude Alien Fish Baby  Fish_Tier5_Alien_preview

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